An Update On Captain

Captain got adopted! He looks great in his new harness getting ready to chew on the nice elk bone his new mom bought for him. Thanks Christie for taking a chance on him. You knew you were meant to be together from the moment you met. Now if we can just get the cat to agree.

An Update On Matt!

Hi Stephanie,

It’s been a couple of months now and I wanted to send along another Oscar (Matt) update. He is doing GREAT! He just graduated from obedience school on Saturday with flying colors! He has really bonded with baby Lila and is really protective of her and upset when she cries! He also really gets along with the cat. He loves his new life here and is happiest when he is playing fetch at the dog park or going for walks next to the stroller. Here are some new pictures. Hope you’ re doing well!

1 Year With Mariah

Hi Stephanie,

This past year has been a bundle of joy with Mariah. She has really learned to be a calm dog in the house, but still shows us her goofy side. There is never a dull moment when she is awake. She enjoys going on long walks with us which she does now perfectly at our side. She still wants to meet people, but will not pull us to go see them. It is adorable to see her around little kids. She will try to make herself look as small as possible with the tail going a mile a minute. When they least expect it she give them a big ole lick.

To help control her energy levels we got her a dog back pack, and she loves it. You can tell she loves have a job to do. In the winter we got a treadmill for her to still be able to walk, and run. It was just way too cold for her to be outside. Surprisingly it only took are about 30 seconds to figure it out. Now there are moment Elise and I will look at each other wondering where Mariah is. We will go upstairs to see she is on the treadmill waiting for us to turn it on.

We started to notice she really uses her nose a lot so now we are looking to get her into tracking. One of the trainers we went to also agreed she would be amazing at it. She also shows a natural ability with agility. Once we get her being able to walk off leash we will peruse the agility. She is a little bit away from that but is working at it.

Thanks for introducing us to a diamond in the rough dog. She has truly brightened up our lives.


Puppy Named Kimmy :)

Hi Stephanie,

My husband and I adopted a puppy named Kimmy a year ago from you and wanted to give you an update. We love her so much and could not be more grateful to have her in our lives!!

I attached a picture of her. 🙂

— Valerie and Chris

Sasha’s Story

Hi Stephanie,

I just thought I would drop you an email to let you know how overjoyed I am to have Violet in my life. I think of her as an angel that Lindsay (my dog that passed away) sent me to fill my life with love again. I am really glad I was persistent with the adoption. She was certainly meant for me to have her.

Violet goes back and forth from Naperville and the city but she mainly stays in the city. She has become quite the “city dog”. At first, she was a little skittish and timid about the whole thing but now she walks with great confidence and her tail up in the air. She loves her walks. I take her for at least 2 big walks a day for her to get her exercise. She has lost 0.8 pounds! (Not that I’m paying particular attention to it.)

She gets along beautifully with Abbie, my cat. In fact, Abbie tries to play with Violet but Violet just ignores her. Violet rarely makes a peep too. She is as quiet as quiet can be in my apartment even when I leave. She loves to play with her “mittens” too. She is a very comical dog. I relate a comical story about her to my Mom everyday to her pleasure. She never ceases to make me laugh!

We have gone on vacation a couple of times since and Violet has been there with us and adjusts real well to the car and being in a foreign place (as long as she know I’m in her presence). I take her just about everywhere I go. I just put her in the tote bag and go in stores with her.

The attached photo was taken on vacation. She is posing in her new Icelandic sweater that my Mom knitted for her. She is all set to go for the winter season!

Anyway….I just love, love, love her! I never thought I could love another dog again as much as I loved my dear Lindsay. I can’t tell you how many times people have stopped me on the street to tell me how cute she is and lovable.

Thanks again for your dedication to the lives of furry animals everywhere.

Take care,


Click here to see a pic of Violet!